Frequently Asked Questions By Our Customers

Computer Questions

My computer won't turn on

This is most likely a problem with the equipment, however before you call/bring it to the shop, it might be power is not reaching it. Try plugging in another item into the socket or changing the fuse.

What do I do when my computer crashes?

If your computer no longer responds to your mouse or keyboard commands, you will need to re-boot (Hold down the power button till it turns off, then switch it back on)
If your computer continues to crash please get in touch it could be a software or hardware issue.

Is it safe to turn off my computer without doing a shut down?

It is not recommended whilst windows are still running (unless there is no other way).
The shutdown feature enables your computer to close down all running operations safely and securely.

If your computer constantly needs to be forced to shut-down, you should give us a call

How can I recover a deleted file?

If you have deleted a file by pressing delete on your keyboard or right clicking and selecting delete in the menu, then you should find your file in your computers recycle bin. On the desktop, there should be an icon of a bin, open it and select the file you wish to restore.
If you have deleted a file and cannot find it give us a call, we will see if your files can be recovered. The more you try to recover it yourself, the less chance of us recovering it, So give us a call straight away.

I am unable to send or receive email?

First check that your computer can access the internet, then note if there are any error messages.
If you’re having problems get in touch, we may even be able to help over the phone.

I can't open any email attachments?

This could be because the attachment belongs to a programme you don’t have on your computer, or because your security software (e.g. Norton’s) is blocking you from opening it. If you are still having a problem, give us a call.

How can I install my printer without the disc?

The majority of printer manufactures now share their printer drivers (and some of the software) on their website. Search google for

‘[manufacture] [printer name] drivers’
i.e. ‘Epson expression Photo XP-55 drivers’
or just search Epson drivers.

Make sure you visit the manufactures genuine website as some website may provide downloads with viruses/malware and could cause harm to your PC.

If unsure at any time just ask. . .

Can you repair Apple Products?

We do not repair Mac’s but have a company we can recommend who do, so give us a call to get their details.

We are happy to see if we can fix problems and replace screens with IPad and IPhone’s. However, some problems you will need to contact Apple directly, but we are happy to help you through the process.

Do you replace laptop screens?

Yes, we can supply and install a brand new laptop screen. The price highly depends on the manufacture and how complicated your laptop makes it to get into, but you are looking to pay from £110.

Shop Questions

Can you repair or Upgrade my computer?

Yes, we can, although we will never spend more than what your computers worth (unless you want us to)
If the cost of repairs are close to that or exceed the value we will advise you of other solutions.

Is there a minimum call out charge?

If your local to us, there is no call out charge. And depending on how far away you are, affects how expensive it is,
A few locations to give you an idea…
Hilsea £5
Fratton £5
Fareham £15
Porchester £15
Cosham £10
Waterlooville £15
Hayling Island £15
Petersfield £25
Chichester £25
Gosport £25

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, cheques, all major credit/debit cards and direct bank transfers.

Do you offer remote support?

Yes, as long as you can connect to the internet. . . and if you can’t, give us a call and we can walk you through how to get it back online

How do you price your services?

Our prices highly depend on the job(s) you want done, how many hours of work it takes, and sometimes the uniqueness of your model. We don’t charge by the hour but by the challenge of the job.

However Call outs are charged at an hourly rate of £35, (£40 for Charity, £45 for Business)

A few numbers to give you an idea are:
Infection removal: £45
Replace Screen: from £110 (depending on model)
Replace Keyboard: from £30 (depending on model)
Supply and Install AVG Anti-Virus: £23
Fresh Installation of OS (e.g. Windows):  from £50
General Check over: £35 (Infection Removal process includes a check over)
Initial Diagnostics on problem: £25 (in most cases the repair job will include this price)


Do you recycle unwanted computers?

We use a WEEE Recycling Company to safely dispose of unwanted and broken computer (providing we are unable to re-furbish it).

We can also professionally delete your data off your Hard Drive, so it cannot be recovered. We wait a month first, just in case you forgot to remove something you wanted off it.

Do you have a Fax machine?

No we don’t, but we can scan and email documents to where ever you need them to go.

Need help or advice about your computer?