We regularly do:

General Diagnostics or Repairs

General Maintenance or Check up

One to One Tuition

Infection Removal

Network Installation or Problems

Email Support

Data Recovery, Transfer, Back-up

Antivirus Programme

Website and Email hosting

Replace Broken Screen or Keyboard

Recycle dispose PC/Laptop’s and Wipe Data

Upgrade or Replace HDD or SSD

Upgrade parts of your PC laptop

Advice on buying new Computer’s

Custom Build PC’s

Set up new PC/Laptop

Repair Services

We offer a wide range of support for your P.C, laptop, tablet or even some support with your mobile.

For all problems, Big or small, we do the repairs in our shop on Baffin’s High Street. Open 9am till 2pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm on Saturdays.

When you bring your item into the shop, we can give it a quick check and let you know what we initially think is wrong and how much that will cost to repair. Should you be happy for us to proceed, we will take it in and keep you updated on any progress and cost changes.

However, for smaller problems, for example saving a document, we could solve it over the phone. Either by talking you through fixing it step-by-step, or we have a remote support programme that would give us control over the keyboard and mouse on your PC/Laptop providing you have internet access. (For us to gain access, you have to give us the unique password, so your Pc/Laptop is always secure). Give us a call and we can let you know what we think is best for the problem.

We also can come to you! If you want us to come to you where your PC is all set up, or if you struggle to bring it in to the shop, we can do a home visit. We do all our home visits in the afternoon from 2.30pm onwards, for an hourly rate (£35, or £45 for Businesses) plus a possible call-out charge depending on where you are (local call-outs are free).

Please scroll down to see more detail on each of the regular repairs we perform.

General Diagnostics or Repairs

Keyboard not working? Not turning on? Not holding any battery charge? No matter what’s wrong, we will have a look and see what the problem is and how we can fix it. If we can’t help, we can signpost you to someone else who can. Give us a call or drop it into our shop…

General Maintenance or Check-up

Want to check everything is okay on your laptop/PC? Or want to know how much it is actually worth for re-selling or upgrading? We can give your laptop or PC a check over, much like an MOT on a car, to see how well it is functioning and what its potential can be. Just drop it into our shop…


Want someone to cover the basics with you? Just had an upgrade, e.g. Windows 10, and you have no idea where to start? We do one to one tuition, performed at your choice of location (your office/home) and using your own computer, to make the learning experience more beneficial and convenient. Just give us a call, and let us know what programme(s) you would like training in or if its overall training and we will book you in for a home visit.

Infection Removal

Getting ‘pop-up’ screens? Got programme on your laptop you don’t remember downloading? Computer getting slow and sluggish? Your computer may be infected, drop your computer into us at the shop and we will give it a thorough clean removing any virus, malware or spyware, leaving your data and programmes in tact (unless it’s an extensive infection). We also give a free basic check-over, included in the standard fee of £45.

Network Installation or Problems

Internet not working and your provider say is it not them? Got a new laptop but don’t know how to link it to your internet? Printer not communicating with your laptop? Give us a call and we can see what the problem is and if we need to come to you, or you need to bring it to us.

Email Support

Can’t get outlook to receive your emails? Can’t get into your email account?  Cant download or attach a file? Give us a call and we can see the problem and how to help. Most email problems can be dealt with over the phone.

Data Recovery, Transfer, Back-up

Lost that all important document you need asap? We can help! We can even recover deleted or lost documents. BUT the more you try to recover it yourself, the less chance of us recovering it. So Don’t touch it and give us a call.

Bought a new laptop and want your data moved over? Want a way to back up your photos or your company’s work? Give us a call or pop into the shop for us to discuss how much data you want saved and what’s the best solution for you…

Antivirus Programme

Antivirus programme run out? Not sure which one to get out of the available companies? We can tell you the positive’s and negative’s and discuss which one is best for your individual usage.

We are also official providers of AVG. So we can provide you the license key and/or install it on the computer, for you for a cheaper price. The standard Internet Security for 1 user 1 year is £25, but we also offer combinations of multiple years and users.

Website and Email hosting

Want to set up your unique email address, for yourself or for your company? for example someone@company.co.uk Need someone host your set-up website? We can host it, give us a call or come into the shop. We can also design your website for you, please see our Media Services page.

Replace Broken Screen

Has your screen got black splodges or not showing anything? Got a massive scratch through the screen? Bring it into the shop and we can fix it, either by checking if there is a lose wire, or installing a new screen.

Replace Broken Keyboard

A letter missing or no longer working? Accidently spilt a drink over the keyboard and it no longer working? We can replace either a single key (providing we have one in stock) or replace the whole keyboard, just bring your laptop into the shop…

Recycle dispose and Wipe Data

Want to hand down your laptop but want to ensure all of your data is gone? Got a new PC/ Laptop and want to ditch the old one? We can securely wipe data off a hard drive so it is never recoverable, to give you piece of mind. We comply with WEEE standards to recycle your old laptop or PC etc. We may even buy it off you, to re-furbished to sell on.

Upgrade or Replace HDD or SSD

Computer blue screening? Have you dropped the laptop while it was on, and now it won’t start up? It may be that the Hard Drive (Hard Disk Drive or HDD) has corrupt sectors, in which case you need to replace it. We can supply and install a new HDD and transfer your data back over.

Want to speed up your computer? Why not replace your HDD with a new SSD (Solid State Drive)? SSD are the better alternative and are dropping in price to be accessible for everyone. The Difference is that HDD have moving parts, which is why when it is jolted it can damage the disc’s inside with your data on. But SSD, have no moving parts but uses flash memory, so your laptop can be moved safely while on. Plus, SSD are remarkably faster than HDD so a good way of massively speeding your laptop.

Upgrade parts of your PC laptop

Laptop or PC getting tiresome? Want to see if upgrading parts will make it last longer? or at least work better? Bring your laptop/PC into the shop and we can give it a check over to see what parts can be replaced and whether it is even worth investing your money or if you are better of getting a new one.

Advise on New Computer

Need a new laptop? Depending on stock, we sell re-furbished laptops, all which we have checked-over, rebuilt, and issue with a 90 days’ warranty.

Want a brand new laptop but want someone impartial to give advice? Need help to figure out which ones are actually worth it? We will happily help you to pick the best laptop for your needs and can print out the details so you can go in the stores knowing exactly what you want and need.

Set up New PC Laptop

Got a new PC/Laptop but want help to set it up. We can set it up in-shop with all the programmes you want for example, office, security, and we can transfer your data (photo’s documents) over from your old PC/laptop. We can also come to your home and set it up with your internet, printer, etc. … just bring it into the shop or give us a call.


Custom Builds

We can custom build a PC (not laptops) specifically designed to your needs, usage, personality and budget whether it’s for a company use or for your own personal use. Give us a call and we will book a chance for us to sit down with you to discuss what you want…

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