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Virus Removal

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Business Services

We can provide your Business a range of services, both I.T. Support and Design work.

We have a wide range of I.T. Services from setting up a daily back-up to giving your laptops/PC’s a health check-up.
We can come to your offices to correct any problems or you can bring it into the shop.
We also offer immediate IT Support via either our Remote Support programme or by priority call-outs.

Our Design Services can redesign or create your Website, Invoices, Advertisement etc., and can bulk print it.
Give us a call for a quote or to discuss what you want us to help with.
For major design work we request you give us a call to book in a meeting with you so we can tailor the design to you and your business.

Below is a suggestive short-list of services we regular perform for our business, please scroll down

I.T. Services

Remote Support

If you have a small problem with your PC/Laptop, we have a remote support programme that would give us control over the keyboard and mouse on your PC/Laptop (providing you have internet access), which allows us to fix the problem without visiting you. (For us to gain access, you have to give us the unique password, so your Pc/Laptop is always secure). Give us a call and we can let you know what we think is best for the problem.

Priority Call Outs

We offer an onsite call-out service to assist in any problems you have, or give advice on how technology can help your business (e.g. networking). As a business you can have immediate priority. Give us a call to book a call-out.

Data Recovery

We can recover deleted or lost documents from your laptop/PC. However, we request you bring it to us as soon as possible because the more you try to regain the data, the lower the chances of us recovering it. Therefore, give us a call or bring it into the shop.

Data Back Up & Transfer

We can provide advice and supply various options suited to your needs. We supply various sizes of External Hard Drives and can set up software to automatically transfer at the end of the day. Give us a call or come in the shop to explain your needs and we will advise you what’s the best option for you.

Maintenance Check-up

We can provide a Laptop/PC check-up to ensure your equipment is running at its best, and remove any unwanted programmes, infection and give advice on any upgrade options. Either bring it into the shop, or if there is multiple laptop/Pc’s give us a call for us to arrange the best time to book-them in.

Virus Removal

If you suspect you have an infection, we can give your PC/Laptop a full clean and check over, removing any infections or unwanted programmes. As with Maintenance, either bring it into the shop, or if they are multiple laptop/PC’s give us a call to book-them in.

Custom Build PC's

We custom build Desktop PC’s specifically for your business needs and budget. We can also provide advice and supply software you might require, for example Photo-shop, Microsoft Office. Give us a call to arrange a meeting for us to discuss all that you want and need.


We can provide One on One tuition on Operating Systems (for example Windows 10) or some software (for example Microsoft Word). All our tuition is performed at your choice of location (your office/home) and using your own computer, to make the learning experience more beneficial and convenient. Please give us a call to book and discuss what you want us to give training in.


Graphic Design and Printing Needs


Design Stationery

Want a fresh new look? We can create all the stationary a Business needs. Including, but not exclusive to, Letterhead, Business Cards, Invoice template, Quote template, and compliment slips. Give us a call for a quote, and to book a meeting to discuss the ideas you have.


Printing Services

We can print your business stationary, either bits you have already designed (providing we can view them on the Computer) or the one’s we’ve design. We can print a range of sizes (up to A3) and a range of items from posters to booklets. We offer deals for bulk printing. See our Printing services page for more detail or give us a call.

Website Design

We can provide a full website design or modify a website you already have (providing you have the access rights). Give us a call to book a meeting to discuss what is it you want.

Hosting Website and Emails

We can set-up your website domain name, and host it for you. We can also set-up and host email account.

Previous Customer's Testimonies

6th January, 2017

We had just moved to new offices and purchased a new laser printer which gave us a few headaches trying to install. One call the next morning to Ace Processors Ltd and they were able to attend to our problem that same lunchtime!

We were so impressed with the service and reasonable charge made, that we booked them to set up the same printer for networking, again good punctuality, reliability and quality service provided.

We were so impressed that all our staff have been informed to contact Ace Processors Ltd for all our IT support. We have no hesitation in recommending them for any of your IT requirements. We at Oscar Storm Europe Limited are glad we contacted them for help.

Managing Director, Oscar Storm Europe Limited

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